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Legalities for Marriage in Greece

Legalities to get married in Greece | Marriage in Greece

Since you are getting married in Greece (or you have a Santorini wedding) you need to take a look at the information below. Let’s guide you step by step, on how to plan your wedding in Santorini and the Greek islands. Your marriage with us will be a relaxing wedding experience. Our wedding planners will help to finalize your legalities for a civil wedding or a Greek orthodox wedding in Greece without any panic. We are here to help you and advise you with all the essential paperwork needed and answer your questions, about how to get married in Greece – Santorini – Greek islands. Below is the information for legalities requested to have a valid wedding in the Greek islands Greece

Legalities for civil or religious weddings in Greece and the Greek islands – Here we explain what papers you need to get married in Greece

Legalities: In order to get married in all countries, there are certain requirements for legal papers, which are necessary to be presented to the authorities prior to your destination wedding abroad. Therefore for a destination wedding on the Greek island of Santorini and the rest of Greece, the same law applies. In our section on legalities, you will find all the details and we will also guide you during the whole process. Also, note all requested papers must have an apostille stamp in order to be valid. Apostille stamp is compulsory for your destination wedding in all mainland Greece locations such as Monemvasia, Porto Heli in Peloponnese, and Athens as well as the Greek islands of Santorini, Mykonos, Naxos, and Skopelos. This is all about the legalities of getting married in Greece (marriage in Greece) – Greek islands Santorini.

A civil marriage cannot take place in  Santorini Greece – Greek islands if the following are existing:

  • Ιf there is no divorce decree
  • Ιf the couple has a blood relation up to 4rth degree
  • Τhe marriage between  father  and his illegitimate child
  • Τhe marriage between a parent and his adopted child
  • The marriage between the guardian and the ward

What is the Apostille Stamp?

An apostille stamp is the seal of the relevant State / Country/ Commonwealth office in accordance with the Hague Convention; it allows the stamped document to be used officially in a foreign country. The stamp refers to the relevant legislation and indicates the validity of the documents for international use. In the section below you will find the legal papers required for your civil or religious wedding in Greece and the Greek islands. More information about your Santorini wedding – Greek island wedding or a wedding in Greek islands Some documents may have a different name in your country or state. All documents must have an apostille stamp along with their translations. Everything must be validated by the Greek embassy.

Greek authorities require all documents to be issued within 3 months prior to the wedding date. (there is an exception for the divorce certificate).

You have to send us an email with your wedding documents to check that everything is correct 6 weeks prior to the wedding and start the procedure of issuing your marriage license in Greece. You must have the originals with you, when you come to Greece, Santorini, Greek islands, to submit them to church or the local town hall.

The first business day after your wedding ceremony date you will visit the registration office with your wedding coordinator to register your wedding in the town hall.  The apostille might take some time in certain locations.
In case you depart, we can register your wedding on your behalf but we need a power of attorney and this is an extra cost for you.

The marriage certificate will be sent for an apostille stamp and will come back to us and then we sent it over to you with register mail

Greek Translation: can be obtained either by your local Greek Embassy or in rare occasions via our office.

Main points:

  • Papers:  you start gathering them 3 months prior to the wedding
  • Six weeks prior to the wedding we need to send us all original via email to check them
  • All originals stay forever at the town hall or the church marriage office

Documentation for European Union Citizens  for a Civil Marriage in Greece

  • Copies of bride and groom and witness passports (no apostle is required or translation).
  • The bride’s and groom’s full birth certificates mean both parents’ names should be on the birth certificate  (shorter versions are not acceptable) Apostille and translation in Greek are required.
  • A marriage license or a Certificate/letter of No Impediment to Marriage must be provided for both the bride and groom. It can be obtained at your local Registry or Statistics Office and must be issued within three months of the wedding date.  Apostille and Greek translations are required.
  • Divorce Certificate(s) / Decree(s), for divorced parties. Apostille and translations require.
  • Deed poll/adoption papers are required for each party (if applicable) in certified copies. Apostille and Greek translations are required.
  • Official name change documents if applicable.

All of the above documents (with the exception of passport copies), and including their apostille stamps, must also be provided in Greek translation and certified (stamped) by the Greek  Embassy / Consulate in your country.
All documents must be sent six weeks electronically to us, prior to your wedding in Greece, to allow us to confirm that all paperwork is in order.

Please bring all the originals with you and they remain at the civil office

You must remain in Greece for at least one  business day after your wedding, as you will need to sign your Marriage Certificate at the local town hall.

Legal papers for EU and British citizens


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Legal Papers for Chinese Citizens


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