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Legal Papers For Canadian Citizens

Legal Papers for Canadian Citizens for a civil wedding in Greece

  • Copies of bride and groom’s passports (no apostille is required or translation)
  • Bride’s and groom’s full birth certificates that means both parents names should be in the birth certificate  (shorter versions are not acceptable) translation in Greek is required
  • Single status letter or letter of No Impediment to Marriage must be provided for both the bride and groom. This document confirms that you have never been married and are free to marry. It can be obtained  at your local Registry or Statistics Office, and must be issued within three months of the wedding Greek translations is required.
  • An affidavit of Singe Status and No Impediment to Marriage indicating that you are free to marry, sworn by each party. Greek translation is required
  • Divorce Certificate(s) / Decree(s), for divorced parties. Certified copies of each divorce is required, as are Greek translations.
  • Deed poll / name change / adoption papers are required for each party (if applicable) in certified copies. Greek translations are required.

Legal Papers For Canadian Citizens :All documents must be sent six weeks electronically to us, prior to your wedding in Greece, to allow us to confirm that all paperwork is in order. Legal papers are required for civil and Greek Orthodox weddings as well as Catholic ones.

Please bring all the originals with you and they remain at the civil office.

You must remain in Greece for at least one  business day after your wedding, as you will need to sign your Marriage Certificate at the local town hall.


a. As Canadian papers do not have an apostille , all your documents must be stamped (validated/certified) and translated by the Greek embassy or consulate otherwise cannot be accepted  by the Registrar’s office

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