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What is the required paperwork to get married in Santorini and the Greek isands of Santorini,Mykonos, Chios,Skopelos?

Frequently asked questions for a wedding in Greece. In order to get married in Greece certain documents is required, please see our legalities column for more details.

Legal papers do they have to be translated?

It is preferred to have the translation done in the country of your origin but if you have problems please contact us to give for further advise. In some cases we can do the translation for a fee.

How much is the security deposit?

The security deposit is not refundable and it only secures reservation of the date, celebrant and ceremony. The amount is deducted from the final wedding invoice. The amount of the security deposit varies and depends on the numbers of guests.

When do I have to pay my balances/final payments?

In your contract you will find all details about balances and final payments.

What is your cancellation policy?

Our cancellation policy is outlined in detail in our contract. But ye , you can cancel your wedding reservation prior to your wedding date. CANCELLATION FEES varies depending on each venue and supplier policy and you will informed upon signing the contract.

In the event of cancellation close to your wedding date, we may not be able to refund your money. In case of an emergency case we will handle this matter with the appropriate sensitivity that applies to our fees.

Are credit cards acceptable?

For the time being we only accept bank wire transfers.

How do I book my destination wedding in Greece, Santorini, Mykonos, Skopelos and the rest of the Greek destinations (you take off Lefkas as we do not longer do weddings in Lefkas )

  1. Contact us at [email protected]
  2. We will call you back and discuss all requirements and discuss, how we will work together
  3. As soon as we receive your security deposit, we will reserve your wedding date
  4. Then we will create a proposal according to your request and budget and we will forward to you for your approval
  5. Since we have your approval we will prepare your wedding in detail according to your specifications.
  6. Then we will forward a contract to you which has to be signed and returned to us within 15 days. In the contract will be described all vendors deposits as well as balances due.

What kind of wedding desserts are available in Santorini and the rest of the destination locations?

In Santorini and in all wedding destinations we operate in Greece, all international desserts are available and you can design your own wedding cake by choosing the design and the flavor. You may also like to try the traditional Greek wedding dessert baklava, which can be served with ice cream. Other choices are yogurt with honey and nuts or fresh fruits with whipped cream. In some cases wedding cake is included in our civil or symbolic wedding packages . If you wish to have your own cake please send us a photo with the design of your dream wedding cake for your destination wedding in Greece and we will get back to you with the price.

What is the best time to get married in the Greek islands of Santorini , Chios, Kea, Hydra, Spetses, Skopelos and some amazing beautiful mainland locations such as Athens, Porto Heli, Nafplion, Monemvasia

All Greek islands offer beauty and romance throughout the year as they have a wonderful spring, a beautiful summer and warm autumn therefore you can choose according to your preferences. During the day, you will capture the infinity Aegean blue, during the afternoon the romantic aspect of the Greek islands and the beautiful smell of the sea breeze.

Is any kind of entertainment available in Santorini and the rest of the Greek islands?

Piano player, Saxophone, Guitar, Violin, Harp, DJ, traditional Greek musicians are some of your choices in Santorini to entertain your guests. For the rest of the islands everything is upon request.
For the ceremony time you can bring us a USB with the music of your choice

Do I pay coordination fees?

For our preset civil packages, orthodox , catholic wedding or renewal of vows, you do not have to pay co-ordination fees. But if you decide to have a custom made wedding, bare in mind that a larger event requires more time than a small event, therefore fees will be charged based on the number of persons participating in your wedding party.

Can you arrange weddings in other Greek islands than Santorini?

Yes we can organize your dream civil, symbolic or religious wedding in other islands than Santorini. Our wedding destinations include Athens, Mykonos,Kea, Hydra, Spetses, Chios,Skopelos, Porto Heli, Monemvasia, and other locations upon request We will be more than happy to accommodate your destination wedding in any of the above mentioned wedding locations in Greece.

Please do not hesitate to contact us in the following email [email protected]. Our professional wedding planners will assist you to organize your dream destination wedding in the Greek islands.

Are Civil weddings held In Greece legal?

Marriage Certificates are legal documents, they are issued by the Greek Government and they are valid internationally.

What kind of wedding menus could you expect to get at your wedding reception in Greece?

Mostly available is Greek Mediterranean food. Special requests can be arranged, also Hindu food is available in specific places such as Santorini, Athens.

Drinks: you can have the wine of your choice, which can be house wine or wine of your choice depending on your budget.

Are religious weddings held in the Greek islands of Santorini, Mykonos , Hydra, Spetses, Kea, and mainland locations Athens, Porto Heli , Nafplion and Monemvasia?

Yes, we do arrange Greek orthodox and Catholic weddings in Greece and Greek islands. Bear in mind that in some places Catholic weddings are no longer permitted. Please see our section Legals to find more information. Greek Orthodox weddings can be held in any church in Greece. Please see our section Greek weddings for more information.

Do vendors require a deposit prior to the wedding?

Yes they do, as business requires a deposit in advance. Payments are made via international bank wire transfers, major credit cards (visa and mastercard) and in some cases paypal.

Please bear in mind that vendor deposits are essentials as we have to secure ceremony space, choice of reception, florist and other services. Please visit our page wedding services and you can see most of our services. Cancelation fees may apply.

Are weddings held everyday?

Depends on the wedding you choose.

Civil weddings are held Monday through Friday- in Santorini can happen during the weekend

Orthodox and Catholic weddings are held usually Saturday and Sunday evenings but can happen during the week as well , Tuesdays and Thursdays
Renewal of vows or symbolic weddings can be held all week days.

How long is the civil ceremony?

Not really very long. It takes about 5-7 minutes but if you wish to enhance it, we can write for you your personal vows and readings. Marry me can suggest readings for your civil wedding in Santorini and the Greek islands, and at the beautiful locations Athens, Monemvasia and Porto Heli.

Is there any paperwork involved in the symbolic wedding or vow renewals?

No paperwork is involved, if you decide to have a symbolic wedding or vows renewal in Greece. Some couples decide to have their wedding in their home town by just signing all legal papers. Then they can come to Greece and have a symbolic wedding ceremony in the Greek islands of Santorini, Mykonos, Chios, Skopelos, Kea, Hydra, Spetses and mainland wedding destinations of Monemvasia,Athens and Porto Heli, where they can enjoy the Aegean sea views, the crimson sunsets, the white-washed villages. Your guests will have a nice vacation in Greece, you will enjoy your wedding symbolic ceremony and your honeymoon.

Town hall is the only choice for a civil wedding in Greece?

The norm is to get married in the town hall but there are exceptions in some islands, where you can get married in places with magnificent views. Marry me in Greece, can arrange to get married in staggering locations, therefore your civil wedding ceremony in Greece can be held in your hotel,your villa, chapel yard, winery, restaurant or in a beach, in a boat before sailing off. That doesn’t apply to all locations. Also some Greek island destinations have wonderful, traditional town halls with excellent architecture where it is worth getting married. In any case, you have to stay in the island at least one business day after your civil wedding ceremony, to register your wedding in the registrar’s office.

If you wish to get married in Oia village, we should be informed beforehand as there is a different town hall and different procedures are required.

Can I have a Greek orthodox wedding - church wedding in Santorini and the rest of the Greek islands?

In order to get married in the church, you have to be Eastern  Orthodox and if one of the parties is of another Christian segment has to be baptized. It is easier if the other party is Catholic or Protestand.The majority of the weddings are taking place in the church only and in rare occasions, the ceremony  can happen outside the church at the church yard.

Civil weddings cannot be held at a Greek Orthodox chapel yard , can only be held in private ones.

In some cases you can have a church yard wedding but in that case, it is going to be a civil wedding and that applies only to private chapels.

How long ago,do you have to book our wedding?

Our advice is the sooner the better as for some Greek islands such as Santorini and Mykonos weddings are booked a year in advance. Other destinations are less popular and it is easier to find the date you wish to get married but still we strongly suggest to book in advance

How long ago, you need your legal papers to be prepared?

We need to email us 60 days prior to your wedding, all your paperwork, in order to check that everything is in order. Then you send the originals to us by a courier service ONLY , and they have to reach us at least 30 days prior to your wedding.In more touristic places such as Santorini , you bring the originals with you. If you sent your legal papers without our confirmation and something is not in order, we have no other option but to cancel your wedding.

Can you explain, what is the apostille stamp and where do I get it?

Apostille is a certificate, which verifies and confirms the seal and signature of the person who authenticated the document. Some people call this ‘super legalization’. There are designated authorities in every country to issue apostille certificates or legislation. Apostilles are commonly issued for various documents related to certificates for wedding, divorce commercial documents, official documents related to vital statistics, and for court records, land records, school documents and patent applications.

Please note all documents sent to us must be sealed with an apostille stamp
Please visit our apostille section in order to find the nearest apostille office to authenticate your documents. European country citizens can get information from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the rest of the country’s citizens from the Department of State of your country.

What if we need witnesses for our wedding ceremony?

You do not have to worry about this, we will provide the witnesses for you, if you wish at your wedding ceremony in Greece or any of the Greek islands of Santorini, Mykonos and the rest of the locations.

Do you organize wedding receptions in the Greek islands - Santorini, Mykonos, Chios, Kea, Hydra, Spetses and man land locations Athens,Porto Heli, Monemvasia and Nafplion?

Marryme in Greece, we can organize your wedding reception in any place. It can be formal or informal. We are working with you to understand your needs and taste. No matter the size of the party we organize music, dancing , food,wine and a lot more. Please check our wedding services list for more services. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions and we will be more than happy to assist you.

The wedding venues we work with vary from traditional tavernas to exclusive reception halls or luxury villas and we cover all budgets. Talking with our experienced wedding staff we select the best wedding venue in Greece for you.

What kind of flowers are available for a wedding ceremony and reception in Greece and the Greek islands - Santorini

Depending on the season you are getting married, different flowers are available. All you have to do is to choose your color palette and let us know your style and we will make proposals to you. Some of the flowers are imported , therefore we suggest using flowers in season in order to keep the cost as low as possible.

Can you arrange other services in Santorini , Mykonos, Kea, Hydra,Spetses, Chios islands and mainland locations such as Athens, Nafplion, Porto Heli and Monemvasia?

Yes we can. Marryme in Greece, all wedding services for the day. We  can organize the catering for your wedding reception in any location you want, no matter how big the guest number is.  We are working with the best caterers and wedding cake designers in Santorini and the Greek islands of Mykonos, Hydra, Kea, Spetses , Skopelos or any other destination. PLEASE visit our wedding services page to see what we offer

We will be more than happy to accommodate your destination wedding in all the above mentioned Greek wedding locations, and your dream will become true.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] and tell us how you have dreamt your destination wedding in Greece. Our professional wedding planners will assist you to organize your destination wedding in Greece.

Can we hold our wedding reception while in Greece in a villa?

Marryme in Greece, can organize the catering for your wedding reception in any location you want, no matter how big is the number of your guests. We are working with the best caterers and wedding cake designers.

You have more question?

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